Peakhurst Dojo

The Karate Institute is a professionally designed, purpose built, full time Martial Arts training centre with flexible hours and class times to suit your busy lifestyle.

The Institute offers the very best of facilities and equipment both modern and traditional:

    • Glassed viewing area for visitors and parents – Parents can observe lessons without being intrusive or distracting
    • Air-sprung timber floor – A timber floor is critical for serious Karate training
    • Olympic quality break-falling mats – High density mats for throwing and groundwork
    • 9 meters of mirrored wall – Mirrors are essential for analysing and improving your own technique
    • Makiwara punching and striking posts – Indispensable training equipment for anyone that wants to develop penetrating power and accuracy with punches, kicks and strikes. Sadly, rarely seen in modern times, makiwara training produces outstanding results
    • Traditional training equipment – Iron geta (heavy iron thongs), chishi (specialised weights), kettlebells, expansion bands
    • Industrial fans – Provides for heat relief in summer
    • Separate punching bags for children and adults – Care must be taken with children striking and kicking heavy bags as injury can ensue
    • Change rooms & toilets

Many overseas Martial Arts Instructors have commented that this is the best facility they have every trained in.