Why Train with Us?


The Style

The style of Martial Arts taught at The Australian Institute of Karate is Chito-Ryu Karate-Do. With deep roots in Karate’s long history Chito-Ryu was founded by the late Dr Chitose and continued by his son, the current Head of Style. Dr Chitose was recognised, by the All Okinawa Union of Karate-do and Kobu-do, as a Master of the Art and awarded the title of Hanshi (the highest acknowledgement available) in 1968.

The Australian Institute of Karate

Our Story

In 1985, after 5 years of training in Australia, head instructor, Mike Noonan travels to Japan in search of deeper knowledge. He begins training with Soke Sensei, the Supreme Chito-Ryu Instructor.

In 1998 Noonan Sensei opened the Tasseikan Dojo in the Oatley Public School Hall where students trained up until 2009

In November 2004, Sensei Michael Noonan was appointed to represent Soke Sensei and the International Chito-Ryu Karate-do Federation in Australia.
The Australian Institute of Karate was officially opened in May 2009 and attended by some of Australia’s highest ranked Karate practitioners as well as international guests.
In 2017 Noonan Sensei’s expertise was acknowledged by his promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt, a rank recognised worldwide.


What We Offer

Chito-Ryu Karate-Do


Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan

Head Instructor and Principal at The Karate Institute

Noonan Sensei has spent his life studying Martial Arts & in particular Chito-Ryu Karate-Do.


The Martial Arts Industry is an unregulated industry. What that means to the consumer is; anyone at all, no matter how qualified or unqualified, can open a Martial Arts centre and teach whatever they consider to be Martial Arts. Unfortunately, there are umbrella organisations that are happy to recognise and affiliate a certain teacher or Dojo if the fees are paid.


  • Karate for Teens and Adults
  • Karate for Teens and Adults
  • Karate for Kids (8-12 Years)
  • Karate for Kids (8-12 Years)

People About Us

Without a doubt – the best decision we have made for an extra curricular activity for our 7 year old – supportive and community focussed with a focus on discipline and working towards something greater!

Emma Egan (Parent)

I have trained in a number of different schools and dojos over the years and The Australian Institute of Karate is by far the best place i have ever trained in. Its a proper school and every one there is welcoming and without judgment. Sensei Noonan is a wonderful and experienced teacher who imparts his knowledge freely. Training is very real world, hard , fun and catered to every level and age. It is definitely the real deal.

Ganesh Sundaramoorthy (Student)

I have trained at this dojo since I was 9 years old. Sensei Noonan is the absolute best Sensei in Australia. The dojo gives me a sense of belonging and all of the students make you feel welcome and part of the family. Training here for 5years, I have built confidence, my mental state has gotten better and as well as my physical state. I LOVE IT HERE. I couldn’t think of any other place where I would belong. I recommend this dojo to everyone. No matter your age, weight or appearance, everyone is accepted into the family.

Corydalis Leung (Student)